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Offer for recreation in Jurmala

Camping Neptūns | Offer for your holiday in Jurmala
Elektroauto uzlādes stacija Jūrmalā |pie restorāna Neptūns

Electric car charging station in Jurmala

  • A charging station for electric cars is available in the restaurant's parking lot.

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Rest in Jurmala | pedestrian friendly

Forest trail Mežtaka

MEŽTAKA Takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city to where there is peace. Where you can be alone with yourself, inhaling the refreshing air of a pine grove, relax in the moss warmed by the sun and not think about anything. You can go on the forest trail with a basket of mushrooms or your birdwatcher's notebook. You can meet people like you - with a backpack on your shoulders and a map in your hand, challenging your strength on the steep slopes of the ravines.

Rest in Jurmala | pedestrian friendly

Yurtaka - Coastal hiking

​​The longest hiking route in the Baltic States - along the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Aktīvai atpūtai restorāna Neptūna apkārtnē

Active and educational hiking / snowshoeing in Kemeri moorland

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